The Conscious Playground



About the conscious playground


Born a twin, Pip Best has long been fascinated by how people from similar beginnings end up in different places. Pip’s curiosity about the lives of those around her led to a career in social work. For 10 years, she worked with a wide range of clients: people coming out of prison, youth living on the streets, adolescents undergoing cancer treatment, and children removed from the care of their parents due to abuse or neglect.

Despite varied circumstances, Pip saw that strong relationships—with oneself, with family and friends, and within a community—were a consistent buffer against stress, and were the source of clients’ learning and growth. She began to ask: how do we remain connected and calm amid the chaos of everyday life? While living and working in a remote part of rural Kenya, Pip refined simple daily rituals of movement and meditation that deepened her relationships to herself and those around her.

Since returning to Sydney in 2015, Pip has used her insights to build two businesses. The Conscious Playground takes a holistic approach to our modern lifestyle. Through in-house workshops and experiential retreats, she works to increase ones’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. As the marriage celebrant behind In Light, Pip also collaborates with couples and families to create meaningful wedding and commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, and naming days.