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Natural Cold and Flu remedies

I got sick this month. 

At first it was frustrating, then it felt like a great chance to watched Queer Eye all day. Once I finished Season 1 (you think I'm joking), it felt like such the perfect opportunity to listen to what my body needed and take inventory. I used my oils every day, I napped, drank lots of water, I walked slowly, listened to podcasts, I said no to things I didn't want to do. 

I always try to opt for natural solutions first (for so many reasons, this Ted Talk is a big one). Here's how I used my oils to support my head cold: 

+ Diffused On Guard, Oregano and Easy Air essential oils day and night (natural alternative to Vicks in the vaporizer, which has turpentine oil + petrolatum).  
+ Made up a 10ml rollerball of On Guard (5 drops), Oregano (3 drops), Lemon (5 drops), Tea Tea (5 drops) and Frankincense (3 drops) essential oils and top it up with fractionated coconut oil. Applied to the soles of my feet 2 x day 
+ Put 2 drops each of On Guard, Oregano, Lemon and Frankincense essential oils in an empty capsule, topped with olive oil 2 x a day***  (in replacement of Cold and Flu which makes me feel dehydrated and clogged up). You can also buy the OnGuard softgels from the US warehouse.
+ Put 2 drops of Eucalyptus (the oil of wellness) on the shower floor to create a steam and on my chest to encourage deep breaths.
+ Sucked on the On Guard throat drops (effective alternative to Strepsils)
+ Applied Easy Air Touch to my chest and ridge of nose (in place of Vicks Vapor Rub) 
+ Manuka is widely known for it’s plethora of health benefits, including supporting a healthy immune system. I rolled this on the soles of my feet and under my nose.
Correct X under my nose and lips do they didn’t become dry and sore (natural alternative to paw paw ointment)
Life Long Vitality supplements 2 x day (because it covers allll the bases)

Luckily, almost all of these oils can be found in the Home Essentials Kit.

My cold clearly didn't stand a chance. 

*** Not all essential oils are created equally. DoTerra are one of only a couple of companies in the US that are approved by the FDA as a food grade oil, and here in Australia we are the ONLY company that are approved as food grade oils by Food Standards Australia and NZ. So that speaks volumes to me about their quality, their purity and integrity.

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