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The F/U Sessions

Sat 21 April: 10 - 1130 am | on the deck @ my place, Ramsgate Ave, Bondi.

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A monthly workshop and community for those who have begun their essential oil journey with me.

A shift can occur when we begin to empower ourselves with natural solutions. Having essential oils at our fingertips is a powerful tool in our modern world.

You’ll find that now you have your own collection, reaching for your oils will become second nature. Come along and learn more ways essential oils can change your day, so you can feel empowered and confident in using them.

We'll start with a meditation, explore new ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine, and contemplate the notion of scent as ritual.

Use it as a chance to explore Bondi before or after class - walk the Bondi to Bronte, go for a swim, or visit the popular cafes in the area!

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to Apr 25

Introduction to Essential Oils

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Thurs 12 April @ Roseville
Thurs 19 April @ Bondi
Wed 25 April @ Bondi


If you've heard about essential oils, you might be wondering: 

"Do they ACTUALLY work?"

"Is it REALLY worth going to the effort to switch to natural solutions?" 

"I bet I'll buy them and never use them"

"Will it just be another phase of mine?" (*remembers the unlimited yoga studio membership that was used once, the activewear still with tags on, and the shakes/herbs/supplements/powders that are well past their use by date). 

I hear ya. 

I admit to all of the above. Until essential oils. 

They have been part of my daily routine for over a year now, and have truly changed how I support my: 

Energy levels


In this workshop, I will run you through how doTERRA essential oils can support your mood, emotions and physical health. 

I will cover:

* What are Essential Oils?
* How can I use them safely and effectively?
* What oils should I use for what (we will look at the top ten)? 
* How do I get them into my home for the best price?

Your investment includes SPRING roller ball blend, made especially for you.  

Bring a friend and purchase 2 tickets for $15

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