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“neuroscience of leadership” masterclass with shelley laslett from vitae

Being a leader is an undoubtedly challenging job. Being a founder and a business owner - even harder. There’s a lot of advice and guidance on how to lead - but not a lot on how to use the most powerful tool you have – your brain to do so. 

That’s where we come in. Using the modern principles of neuroscience, Vitae’s Neuroscience of Leadership Masterclass goes beyond the theory and equips you with all the practical tools and neurohacks (quick brain hacks) you need to master the complex challenge of being a leader and a founder. 

This session is all about putting neuroscience principles into practice theory to accelerate your personal, professional and organisational growth. 

During this session; you’ll learn the basic principles of the brain and how to:

    1. enhance communication and empower team’s performance 

    2. neurologically boost confidence to improve your influence

    3. enable productive outcomes by diffusing stressful/uncomfortable conversations 

    4. increase your self-awareness and your social awareness to empower teams and reducing ‘managing’ time

    5. give your brain all it needs to bust stress and be a high-performing

By the end of the session you’ll have all you need to be an effective leader who truly enables and empowers their team to achieve any outcome with ease. 

Alicia Penhorwood of Harper Collective.JPG

“Understanding your customers struggles” with alicia from harper collective

Alicia will guide you through:

  • What you do and why it matters 

  • How to become the solution 

  • Nailing what you do with confidence

  • Aligning your marketing with your message